While a T-cushion may sound like a mysterious designation or shortcut term for a particular type of sofa, the name simply indicates the shape of the seat cushion on the couch or chair. Looking at the cushion's outlined shape, it resembles a chunky capital "T." The extensions on each side of the cushion wrap snugly around the front sides of the sofa, beneath the armrests.

pillows on the sofa against the window
credit: fokusgood/iStock/Getty Images
Corner of T-cushion seat of a couch.

T-Cushion Concerns

If your T-cushion sofa is in need of new upholstery or a new seat cushion all together, finding a simple means of covering it may be a tad more complicated than addressing a similar problem on a sofa with standard rectangular or square cushions. Slipcovers designed for square and rectangular sofa cushions won't fit a T-cushion, so you may need to search a little farther to find a suitable covering. Making one yourself also requires a bit more effort than recovering a square or rectangular cushion, thanks to the extra arms on the T-shape. Many T-shaped cushion couches also come in loveseat size because they comfortably fit only two people.