How to Get Rid of Crickets in a Basement

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Crickets wake you up at night, feel horrible under your feet, and deter you from enjoying your basement. There are several types of crickets that take up residence in the home and just as many ways to get rid of them.


Step 1

Vacuum. While it won't rid you of the problem like cricket bait, it is a fast way to get to the ones in plain sight.

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Step 2

Buy a granular cricket bait such as Intice. Sprinkle this around your basement. The active ingredient is Orthoboric Acid which is common in cricket bait products. It is also safe for use inside your home and in the basement. In addition to crickets, the bait controls other insects commonly found in the basement such as silverfish, millipedes, ants, cockroaches and Sowbugs.


Step 3

Purchase sticky paper and set a cricket trap. This is an adhesive material that can trap crickets by holding their legs to the paper. Using the sticky paper in combination with the cricket bait as a lure is a great way to trap crickets in dark areas like basements. Traps will also help to determine where the crickets are entering your basement.

Step 4

Seal off entries and small cracks. The good thing about a basement is its location. There are but so many entry points. All access points must be sealed off before traps are set, or the crickets will continue to enter your basement through these cracks.


Step 5

Make a water trap. One of the easiest traps to set, a water trap is a mixture of molasses (or something sweet) and bit of lemon juice. Put this mixture in a dish with low walls so the crickets can access the water. The hope is get them to fall into the dish.



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