How to Install a Pellet Stove in a Basement

A pellet stove can be used to heat an entire house, but it is more commonly used as a supplemental heating source in the home or basement. Pellet stoves are also easy to use and easy to clean. The pellets, which are made of wood waste, are an eco-friendly alternative to using gas, oil or coal as heating fuel. Installing a pellet stove in a basement can be challenging, but it can be done if you follow the manufacturer's guidelines on how to do it. Here's how to install a pellet stove in a basement:

A pellet stove can heat an entire basement.

Step 1

Put it in a central location so the heat will distribute evenly throughout the basement. Be sure to read the manufacturer's guidelines on how far to place it from other objects. You'll need to make sure there are no obstacles that will keep the heat from spreading throughout the space. Also make sure there is enough space around the pellet stove to use and maintain it.

Step 2

Place the pellet stove in the basement near an electrical outlet that has the proper voltage and is a GFCI rated circuit breaker.

Step 3

Make sure your basement floor can support the weight of the pellet stove and the pellet hopper, which is the container that holds the pellets. Many hoppers can hold over 80 pounds worth of pellets.

Step 4

Protect the floor underneath the pellet stove from hot embers. The manufacturer will provide you with guidelines about specific flooring materials you'll need for the basement floor. A concrete basement floor is the best flooring material.

Step 5

Vent a pellet stove straight up through the roof or existing chimney. If you vent it through the chimney, be sure to read the manufacturer's guidelines on the proper vent size and placement. Have the chimney inspected before you vent the pellet stove through it.

Step 6

Install it yourself or hire a contractor to do it for you. It is crucial that you follow the manufacturer's guidelines when installing a pellet stove. If you're thinking about doing it yourself, contact the manufacturer first. They will provide you with specific directions on how to install a pellet stove in your home.