How to Clean Circulon Cookware

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Your Circulon cookware has the most durable non-stick cooking surface in the world. This is due, in large part, to the unique high-low grooves on the inside of the pan. These grooves keep oils and grease away from your food during cooking. In order to keep your Circulon cookware in top shape, it's essential that you wash your cookware after each use. This will prevent a buildup of food and grease in the low points of the grooves. It's also important to use non-abrasive cleaning agents to avoid damaging your cookware's non-stick finish.


How to Clean Circulon Cookware

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Use Warm Water

Be sure to clean your Circulon cookware in warm, soapy water. Warm water helps ensure you can get rid of any food or grease stuck to the pan. Let the pan soak for a few minutes to allow the warm water and mild dish soap to penetrate the food and grease that can settle within the pan's groves.


You'll want to make sure you rinse your pan thoroughly with warm water as well. Cold water may not remove all of the soap or grease residue, so make the water as warm as possible.

Use the Right Brush

Using a scrub brush with soft nylon bristles is important to make sure you don't scratch the non-stick finish. How do you know if you're using a soft brush? The bristles should bend easily when you apply pressure with your finger. You can gently, but firmly, scrub the cooking surface of the pan, using round strokes along the grooves of the pan.


Wash the outside of the pan with a sponge or dish cloth to avoid scratching its shiny coating.

Drying Your Pan

You'll want to make sure you dry your pan right away. Droplets of water left to air-dry on the pan could leave water spots that affect the nonstick abilities. So, wipe your Circulon pots and pans dry with a dish towel immediately after washing.

What About Hard-To-Clean Food?

If food has been sticking to your Circulon non-stick cookware, there might be food or grease trapped in the grooves. You can get rid of those hard-to-clean bits of food by mixing 1 part white vinegar with 3 parts water. You'll want to boil this mixture in your pan for about five to 10 minutes. Afterward, pour out the vinegar mixture and wash and dry your Circulon pan as usual, using mild soap and a soft nylon brush.



There are several things to avoid when trying to keep your Circulon pan in the best condition possible.

First, never put your Circulon cookware in the dishwasher. This could ruin its non-stick coating. It's also important to note that any damage caused to your Circulon cookware by the dishwasher is not covered under warranty.

Never use steel wool to clean Circulon. Abrasive pads of any kind can destroy the finish on both the inside and the outside of your pots and pans. It's important to avoid bleach, oven cleaners or other harsh cleansers to clean Circulon as well. These products can also damage the non-stick finish of your cookware.



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