How to Open a Futon Bed

Futon beds or futons are versatile pieces of furniture because they function as two pieces of furniture: a couch and a bed. They function in offices, bedrooms and even in the living room, allowing for extra sleeping arrangements when friends or families visit. What is convenient about a futon is its mobility. Because it folds, a futon can easily move from room to room, with little effort.

Open a Futon Bed

Step 1

Check to see what type of futon you are going to open. There are three types of futons: tri-fold, bi-fold and love seat futons. The love seat futon has two parts to the mattress. The bi-fold futon is the most common and has a mattress, which folds lengthwise. The tri-fold futon has a section of the mattress that hangs over the frame.

Step 2

Move the futon away from the wall. Before you convert the futon into a bed, pull it away from the wall for easier conversion. Once the futon is open, you can make the bed and push the futon back against the wall.

Step 3

Open the futon. With the love seat futon, pull out the hidden third deck. This will change the futon into a lounger. Place the small mattress on the third deck. Push, the back down. The love seat is now a full-sized bed, able to sleep two people comfortably.

Step 4

Open the bi-fold futon. Pull forward on the seat of the futon as you push down on the back of the futon. The futon should open easily into a full-sized or queen-sized bed.

Step 5

Open the tri-fold futon. The tri-fold futon opens similar to the love seat futon. The only difference is the mattress. The tri-fold mattress is one piece. Pull out the hidden deck from the front of the futon. Pull the mattress down to fit over the third deck. Lower the back of the futon and adjust the mattress to fit over the three parts.