How to Recycle Silica Gel Packets

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Silica gel packets are those little pillows of pellets you find packed in with all kinds of everyday items, from shoes to electronics, power tools, vitamins and foods. Inside the packet is silica, a naturally-occurring mineral that attracts water molecules. The packets are used as a desiccant -- a substance that absorbs moisture and combats mold growth. Don't throw them away. Take advantage of their tiny power all around your house.

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Step 1

Toss a silica gel packet along with important papers, photos and mementos in a zip-close plastic bag to keep moisture from damaging these items. Slip a packet between the photo and the back of the frame for pictures hanging on the wall.

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Step 2

Store your razors and extra razor blades in a small container with a couple of silica gel packets to keep oxidation at bay. Your blades will last longer.

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Step 3

Reduce the development of tarnish on silver jewelry by placing a silica gel packet in your jewelry box or drawer.

Step 4

Keep a few packets in your toolbox to keep rust from forming on your tools and the inside of the toolbox.

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Step 5

Keep moisture and mold away from your seeds until you're ready to plant them. Add a packet of silica gel to each bag or jar of seeds.

Step 6

Transfer dog, cat or other dry pet food from the original bag to a clean trash can or other large storage bin with an airtight lid. Tape one or two silica gel packets to the inside of the lid to keep it moisture-free.


Keep silica gel packets away from children and pets. While silica itself may not cause harm if ingested, some packets contain a moisture indicator chemical that should not be ingested by people or pets.