How to Remove Wax Build-Up from Linoleum Floors

When you begin to notice that your linoleum flooring may be looking a bit tired and dingy, it is time to remove the wax coating that has been applied. Removing the wax coating will make your linoleum floor ready for a brand new wax application. You won't need any harsh chemicals, just regular household ingredients will make a competent wax stripper. If you're looking to make your linoleum floor sparkle and gleam then try out these tips.

Strip the wax off of a linoleum floor without harsh chemicals.

Step 1

Sweep and mop your floor as usual to clear any loose debris from the surface. Let it dry thoroughly before beginning the next step.

Step 2

Pour a gallon of white vinegar into a bucket. Local discount stores and large grocery stores will carry the half gallon or gallon sized plastic bottles of white vinegar. Make sure that the bucket is plastic as well.

Step 3

Mix approximately one cup of cream of tartar into the bucket with the white vinegar. Mix your solution until the cream of tartar is thoroughly dissolved and your mixture is completely liquefied.

Step 4

Fill the other bucket halfway with hot, clean water, and throw your unsoiled cleaning rags into the water to sit until you need them.

Step 5

Put on a pair of plastic gloves. Dip your scrubbing brush into the mixture and scour your linoleum floor in large, rotating circles.

Step 6

Wring out one of your cleaning rags and wipe up the stripping solution off of your linoleum floor.

Step 7

Mop over your whole floor with a clean, water dampened mop when you are finished wiping. Let it dry.