The toaster oven was first introduced back in 1938 and was a way for the toaster to evolve into a small oven or heating device used to cook food more quickly than with a regular toaster. There was also more options with a toaster oven as opposed to a toaster with the ability to heat larger amounts of food and add wet and dry ingredients that you couldn't add in a standard toaster such as meat, cheese, sauces and butter. Food is placed on a small tray that is inserted into the oven. A toaster oven works by the user setting the dial or thermostat on the oven to a desired temperature. The electrical system in the toaster prepares the process of heating the coils that are located on the bottom and back of a toaster oven and this initiates the heating process. Once turned on, the coils begin to glow in a reddish glow, producing infrared radiation or heat. The radiation is what actually heats and cooks the food in the toaster giving it warmth and sometimes crunch to the bite. The coil can be reflected by a nirchrime wire that also radiates heat in locations in which the coils cannot directly face toward. Toaster ovens also offer convention methods similar to that of a large stove or oven. The coils then heat up and hot air is circulated throughout the oven causing the food to cook thoroughly and evenly. When the food is finished cooking, a small buzzer alerts the user.

How Does a Toaster Oven Work?

What makes a toaster oven work?

The benefits of using a toaster oven.

Toaster ovens offer the benefit of being able to cook food in half of the time as a conventional oven. Toaster ovens are used for mainly warming up small meals or cooking small items that are to be toasted and cooked at the same time, unlike a regular toaster, which is used for smaller items such as toast and bagels.

Why toaster ovens are so popular.

Toaster ovens serve as a convenience for most people as they can heat and toast food in a short amount of time. They are popular among college students because they can cook a variety of foods quickly, reheat leftovers and warm up frozen packaged foods. People with busy lifestyles also utilize toaster ovens and find them an essential part of their everyday lifestyle. Toaster ovens are a popular item among families on the go who need a quick meal and do not have the time to prepare food that requires turning on a large stove. They are also popular among the elderly and RV enthusiasts enjoy the benefits of a toaster oven due to the space saving qualities of the appliance. Time efficiency is what makes toaster ovens so popular.