How to Mop the Floor without Cleaner or Sticky Residue

The only time I have called a maid service was in a panic before a visit from in-laws. The house did need a good cleaning, but I was also beside myself because my kitchen floor was sticky. And I couldn't figure out how to fix it. I had tried remopping, rinsing with water, and still it made this horrible sound when I crossed the floor, like tape being pulled up over and over. On the phone, the owner of the service reassured me that they could handle it, and the solution was simple. Vinegar and water was all that my floor needed. After I walked over the end result, I have used nothing else.

Mop the Floor without Cleaner or Sticky Residue

Step 1

Do your usual prep of the floor for mopping, vacuum or sweep; move extra furniture etc.

Step 2

Fill your bucket with hot water.

Step 3

While it is filling, dump in about 1/3 cup vinegar per gallon of water.

Step 4

Mop. There may be a vinegary smell, but it will dissipate as soon the floor dries.

Step 5

Enjoy the break and rest while your floor dries. It's like nail can't move around to much or you'll forget you just mopped the floor and wander into the kitchen to get something. Spare yourself the anguish and turn on a movie or read a book.