Toggle bolts allow you to attach relatively heavy objects to drywall and other hollow-base walls. They come in different sizes and have a threaded bolt with a spring-loaded toggle. If you are trying to hang a shelf or large picture and don't have a stud to anchor it to, install a toggle bolt by following a few simple steps.


Decide where you want to hang the brackets or object you're going to anchor and place marks on the wall where you plan to insert the toggle bolts. Make sure they're level before you begin. The holes that accommodate the toggles are larger than a nail hole and if you make a mistake, you'll have to patch it.

Make holes large enough for the folded toggle to fit in using a drill.

Assemble the pieces by inserting the bolt through the bracket or object you are anchoring and then threading the toggle onto the end.

Fold the toggle completely back and slip it into the hole. Push until you feel the wings pop open.

Pull back on the assembled pieces until the wings are against the inside wall. This prevents them from twirling around while you are tightening the bolt.

Tighten the bolt with a screwdriver until everything fits firmly against the wall.