What Is the Best Way to Cut Down Bamboo Stalks?

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Bamboo Stand

Cutting down bamboo for harvesting or simply for pruning to control size, shape or spread of the plant, can be accomplished with a few household tools, depending on the size of the diameter of the stalks, or culms, as they are called.

Small & Medium Diameter Culms

Heavy loppers are a good choice for smaller diameter culms or canes less than an inch to an inch and a half in diameter. For medium-size canes that are two inches or more in diameter a hand saw will be more effective, particularly if you are harvesting the bamboo for decorative use as a saw can give a cleaner cut.

Larger Culms & High Volume Cuts

To efficiently cut larger diameter culms that are three inches or more in diameter or when large stands of bamboo need to be cut down, a chainsaw will be your best bet as it can quickly and easily cut through one or more culms at a time.


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