Kitchen Equipment & Their Uses

The well-equipped kitchen is the cook's best friend. When you have the right equipment and know how to use it, you can focus on the food. Kitchen equipment falls into categories. Whether power appliances or old-fashioned standbys, tools are used to chop and slice food, measure and blend or cook and bake it. You can equip your kitchen with a few basics and add to them as time goes by. The best cooks experiment with equipment until they find the things that suit them best.


Food Processor

Food processor

A food processor chops, dices and minces food usually in preparation for cooking. It is a high-powered appliance with a motor built into its base. The machine comes with a number of different blades that can cut food in a variety of ways. The blades and calibrated speed control allow you to chop heavy or light foods,


Roast on rotisserie

A rotisserie is an oven-like machine that slowly rotates meat, fish or poultry on a rod over heating coils until cooked. The machine cooks the meat slowly and keeps it from drying out. The food does not have to be basted or turned as in a regular oven.

Slow Cooker

Slow cooker filled with stew

A slow cooker is a ceramic vat that rests inside a metal shell. A heating coil in the insulated shell heats slowly and stays at a low, even heat. The tool is used to make stews and roast meats and vegetables. It is safe to leave a slow cooker running while you are not in the house so a meal can cook while you are away.


Woman uses blender

A blender is a glass or stainless steel jar with a tight-fitting lid. It rests on top of a small motor that spins a rotary blade inside the jar. The motor runs the rotor at a variety of speeds. Use the machine to blend and puree foods. You can make smoothies, cream soups, sauces and gravy and anything that requires food to be blended, pureed or whipped.

Pots and Pans

Pots and pans hanging in kitchen

Pots and pans in the kitchen come in various sizes and have different purposes. Frying pans are for stove-top use. You can sautee or fry food in these. You use pots on the stove top to boil food or water . Use them to simmer or stew foods. When you bake or broil you need pans, dishes and sheets that can go into the oven or under the broiler. Pots and pans are made of stainless steel, cast iron and a variety metal blends.