Ideas for Extending Countertops

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An extended counter becomes a breakfast bar when you add stools.

Ask a home chef what changes she'd make to her kitchen and chances are that "more counter space" ranks high on her list. Countertop space is prime kitchen real estate, as evidenced by the plethora of appliances that mount under the cabinet to free up counters for prep work. Whether you're in the market for an entire kitchen remodel or just doing some minor updating, there are a number of ways to extend your countertops for additional work or seating space in your kitchen.

Increase the Countertop Overhang

Countertops often extend 1 to 2 inches beyond the edge of the cabinets they top. One of the easier ways to increase the counter space in your kitchen is to replace your standard counter top with one that extends an additional 8 to 12 inches along one or more sides of the cabinets. If you decide to increase the overhang by more than 12 inches, though, your counter will need bracing for additional support.

Don't Be Square

Peninsulas are a popular way to add counter and storage space to kitchens, but they can overwhelm smaller rooms. Lighten their footprint and lessen the impact with a few designer tricks for small spaces. Opt for open shelves beneath the countertop instead of a cabinet base to make the peninsula less intrusive. Round the corners of the top, or choose a kidney shape to maximize the usable counter space while preserving floor space.

Fold-Away Countertop Extension

If your kitchen is small or if you only need extra counter space occasionally, a fold-away counter extension may be your ideal solution. Fold-down countertops, most often used in RVs, work well in the typical small galley kitchens found in many modern apartments and condominiums. Add a hinged, gateleg countertop at the end of an existing counter and cabinet unit to extend the counter space, or hang a fold-up countertop on a wall, supporting it with chains or a drop-down leg.

Bathroom Counter Extensions

The kitchen isn't the only room in the house where extra counter space comes in handy. If your bathroom doubles as your vanity or dressing room, even a few extra inches of countertop can make your life much easier. Get creative in a small bathroom. Instead of choosing a countertop that fits your bathroom cabinet exactly, have it cut in an L shape that extends beyond the cabinet on one side. Add legs to the end and build a set of shelves beneath the counter for additional storage.

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