Intex is a popular manufacturer of cost-effective aboveground pools and pool supplies. In 2006, Intex released a salt water chlorination generator for its line of aboveground pools. While the Intex saltwater generators are affordable, they are not without their problems. Installing the generators to your Intex aboveground pool takes about 20 minutes and can be completed without any tools. Keep the generator working correctly with some basic troubleshooting tips.

Keep your Intex saltwater system working properly with regular maintenance.

Code 91

When your Intex system is displaying a code 91, you need to add more salt to the water. The optimal salinity level for your pool is between 2,500 and 3,500 pumps per minute (ppm). Code 91 means the level in your pool is below 2,000 ppm and is too low to produce chlorine. Add more salt to the pool. Keep the generator off until the new salt is completely dissolved into the water. After about 24 hours, turn on the filter pump and generator to begin producing chlorine.

Code 90

Low or no water flow will cause the unit to beep and flash for one hour; after that it will turn off and no more chlorine will be generated. Restart the unit according to the directions and the code will flash again. The low or no water flow code will be triggered if any of the connections are loose, water is flowing in the wrong direction, the hose lines are clogged, the return valves are closed or the filter is not on. Check all hoses and ensure the filter is pumping water.

White Flakes

If you have seen white flakes floating in your pool or white flaky buildup along the edges, you have a calcium issue. Calcium is included in some pool shock and is present in hard water. Calcium also can build up on the electrolytic cell and cause low amounts of chlorine to be produced. To remove calcium from your pool, drain about 1/4 of the water. Replace with fresh water. Keep in mind that when you drain water from the pool you need to add more salt. Remove the cell and inspect for any buildup. Clean the cell regularly with muriatic acid and water to remove all buildup.

Low Chlorine

If the chlorine levels in your pool are staying low for an extended period of time, you will have cloudy water and bacteria growth. To remedy this problem, increase the time each day the system is running. The longer it runs the more chlorine it produces. Test the water to ensure your salinity is within the proper 3,000 ppm range. If your salt is low, add more and run the filter for 24 hours to dissolve. If these suggestions do not fix your problem, remove the cell and clean with a muriatic acid solution mixed with water.