Speed Queen Washer Problems

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Speed Queen and the company that makes it, Alliance Laundry Systems, may not be as famous as Maytag or Whirlpool but these laundry products are still used across the country. Speed Queen products include consumer and commercial front-loading and top-loading washers.


Speed Queen washer reviews are usually positive as the company attempts to design its products to work without any problems. When issues do pop up, you can troubleshoot minor Speed Queen washer problems that occur and hopefully fix these issues yourself to avoid expensive service fees.

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Speed Queen Washer Problems
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Speed Queen Washer Won't Start

Your Speed Queen washer won't start if the lid is raised. Lower the lid, and pull out the timer knob. Push the power cord snugly into an electrical outlet, and do not use an extension cord or adapter.


If you smell an electrical burning odor or if your washer pauses after it starts, the motor overload protector is engaged. Allow the washer up to three minutes to turn back on. Reset the household breaker if it has been tripped. Then, try again.

If the washer still won't start, examine the lid switch and replace it if it's burned out. Next, open the main housing and look at the drive belt. You will need to obtain a new one if the existing one is broken.

Not Filling With Water

If your tub is not filling with water, turn on both the hot and cold water faucets. Examine the water inlet hoses, and clean out any debris in the hoses or filter screens. Be sure to straighten the hoses if kinked.


Completely close the washer lid. Examine the water inlet valve. If this component is leaking or not working, you will need to buy a new one.

Washer Not Spinning

If the tub won't spin, check the drive belt and replace if necessary. Your washer normally pauses between cycles. Listen for the motor. If it's not running, change out the lid switch.

If it is running, check the pump pulley. If the pump pulley won't easily turn, replace it.


Not Draining Properly

The Speed Queen washer won't drain if the drainage hose or the drain receptacle are clogged. Straighten the drainage hose if bent. If water doesn't pump out of your washing machine, check the pump pulley, and replace if necessary.

Your clothes may also be too wet if the load is too small. Add some towels to the load and redistribute clothing if the washer is unbalanced.

Noise and Leaks

Check that your washer is level if it shakes a lot. Use a piece of wood to raise up the lower end. A rattling sound often indicates foreign objects in the tub. Stop the washer and remove these objects.


If your washer leaks, check the hose connections, and see if they are tight. Alliance Laundry Systems recommends that you change out your fill hoses every five years or if they split. Verify that your household plumbing isn't clogged. Replace the water inlet valve if it is leaking.

Do not use as much detergent if the washer is sudsing excessively.


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