Can a Washing Machine Be Transported on Its Back?

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If you have a move coming up or if you need to transport a washing, you may be wondering how to move this bulky machine. Although there are multiple options for moving a washing machine, they may not all be equally safe, so it's always best to be sure before you get started. Wherever your machine needs to go, you can get it there safely by taking a few things into consideration.

Can a Washing Machine Be Transported on Its Back?
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What Not to Do

Washing machines may be big and bulky in appearance, but their inner parts are quite delicate and can be easily disturbed if not handled with care. If you lay your washer on its side, you risk bumping the inner and outer tubs against one another, which can lead to unwanted issues like loose pads, a damaged suspension or knocking your washer out of alignment. Similar issues can arise if you try to transport a washing machine on its back, and it is not recommended that you do either when moving a washer.

What You Will Need

Before you begin moving your washing machine, replace the shipping bolts that came with the washer when it was originally moved. The use of bolts is especially helpful when moving a front load washer, and they can be found at the back of the washing machine. Inserting the bolts will help keep the drum part of the washing machine in place and can prevent possible damage that might occur during moving. For top-loading washers, you can protect the drum by inserting padded material like cardboard or foam between the drum and the case.

It's also recommended that you run your last load of laundry a few days before your move and that you leave the door open to allow it to dry completely before moving your machine.

Moving Your Front Load Washer

The safest way to move a washer is by transporting it in an upright position. Due to the height and awkward shape of most washing machines, a dolly is recommended to get your washing machine off the ground and through any obstacles, be they a flight of stairs or up inside a truck. Secure your machine to the dolly with bungee cords or strong rope and tape down any latches and doors just to be safe. When it's time to get your washing machine into your moving vehicle, keep it wrapped in blankets in the back of a truck to prevent possible dents, dings or scratches during transport.


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