How to Clean Polished Nickel

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Things You'll Need

  • Microfiber cleaning cloths

  • Dish washing detergent

  • Water

  • Measuring cup

  • Bowl

  • White vinegar

  • Polished nickel polish


Using a polished nickel wax, according to directions, will help prevent water spots on your polished nickel surface.


Abrasive cleansers or cleaning tools leave permanent scratches on polished nickel. Use soft sponges and cleaning cloths to avoid damage.

Polished nickel lends a warmer tone, that traditional silver, to sink fixtures.
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Polished nickel, which consists of brass coated with nickel that's been polished, is frequently used for kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Faucets, knobs and cabinet hardware made of polished nickel adds a warm silver tone to your room, while promoting low maintenance and ease of care. Since polished nickel doesn't tarnish and is easily maintained, simple and regular cleaning techniques will keep it shiny and clean. Proper care will keep your polished nickel hardware and fixtures looking like new, and will maintain their condition for years.


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Step 1

Wipe the polished nickel surface each day to remove dust and moisture. Use a dry microfiber cloth to prevent the surface from being scratched while keeping dirt and stains from building up.

Step 2

Dampen a clean microfiber cloth with water. Add a drop of mild dish washing detergent to the damp cloth before rubbing the polished nickel surface to remove minor stains. Rinse the surface with water and dry with a clean microfiber cloth.


Step 3

Tackle hard water stains or mineral deposits on your polished nickel surfaces by mixing 1/4 cup of white vinegar with 1/4 cup of water. Wet a clean cloth with the diluted vinegar solution then lay the cloth over the stained area. Allow the cloth to remain on the hard water stains for five minutes then wipe off.


Step 4

Shine the polished nickel surface with a dry microfiber cloth.

Step 5

Add a nickel-sized amount of polished nickel polish and buff the surface to add shine and protect it from staining.