How to Make a Drip Pan for the Grill

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Place the drip pan beneath the barbecue to catch the grease.

Grilling is a healthy way to prepare foods as the heat from the grill draws the grease out of the foods. This grease needs a place to go, however. The bottom of the grill comes with a drainage area to release the grease, otherwise the grease continues to burn and cause smoke, and the fire becomes too hot. If you have lost the grill pan your grill came with or have worn it out, you can make your own drip pan. Use your easy-to-make drip pan several times before disposing of it and quickly making a new one.


Step 1

Roll out a piece of aluminum foil at least 12 inches long. Set out the plank of wood so it's ready to utilize.

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Step 2

Place the heavy cardboard shoebox lid on top of the piece of foil with the bottom side up. Use a man's shoebox lid, as man's shoes are heavier and typically have stronger and larger boxes.


Step 3

Cover the lid with the foil completely by folding the foil in half over the lid and pushing the foil inside the lid, wrapping it around the lips of the lid. Overlap the foil to make a stronger surface for the heated drippings.

Step 4

Turn the aluminum-covered box lid over and place a thick strip of hot glue down the center of the lid. Place the lid, glue-side down, onto the plank of wood and press down to secure the glue.


Step 5

Set the plank of wood beneath the barbecue pit. If there are thick bars that connect the front legs of the grill to the back legs of the grill, set the plank of wood across them. Make sure the wood sits flat and securely.



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