How to Get a Refrigerator Upstairs

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape

  • Appliance dolly

An empty refrigerator is much easier to transport upstairs.
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Moving a refrigerator upstairs should be done by two people who can handle the large, awkward load. Instead of laying the appliance on its side when you move it, keep it upright to prevent oil from leaking out of the compressor, into the cooling lines. If you do not already have an appliance dolly, you can rent one from a local moving or storage company. Wear a weight belt to relieve some of the stress on your lower back.


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Step 1

Remove all the food from the refrigerator interior. Apply tape on the inside of the refrigerator to secure loose items such as drawers, ice pans and shelves. Unplug the refrigerator, and hang or tape the cord up on the back of the appliance, to avoid tripping while you transport it.


Step 2

Unwind the nylon strap from around the appliance dolly, and hold the strap in one hand. Move the dolly directly up to the side of the refrigerator.

Step 3

Push up on the top edge of the refrigerator to tilt its bottom away from the dolly. Slide the bottom of the dolly forward, underneath the raised refrigerator. Lower the refrigerator down, on top of the dolly.


Step 4

Wrap the dolly's strap around the refrigerator, about halfway up the appliance. Secure the strap. Often, you loop the end of the strap over one of the strap rings, and through the second ring. Pull the strap tight, but not so tight that it pulls the refrigerator doors out of alignment. Wrap the second strap around the refrigerator, if the dolly has two straps.


Step 5

Stand behind the dolly, as your helper stands on the opposite side of the refrigerator. Push down on the dolly with your foot, and pull the dolly back by its handles, as your helper pushes the top of the refrigerator forward.

Step 6

Walk backwards, pulling the dolly towards the stairs, as the assistant pushes the refrigerator from the opposite side. Watch out for any obstacles or items on the floor, between you and the stairs. Stop and lift the dolly up onto the first step, as your helper pushes the refrigerator up.


Step 7

Back up the stairs, pulling the dolly up, as your helper follows, pushing the refrigerator up from the bottom. Position the refrigerator into place, once upstairs. Carry up the food contents that you removed from the refrigerator separately.