How to Loosen a Tension Rod

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Tension rods are used to hold shower curtains without screws.

A tension rod is a spring-loaded curtain rod with rubber padded ends. The rod is used in a shower, doorway or window when a homeowner doesn't want to use screws. The rod expands to fit the opening and the spring tension assembly inside the rod holds the rod in place. The limitation on this type of rod is the amount of weight that the rod can hold. Usually only very light curtains work on this type of rod. Loosening a rod is simple.


Step 1

Position yourself in front of the tension rod so that the smaller dimension side is on your right.

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Step 2

Place your left hand on the thicker part of the rod to hold the rod when it loosens as the rod will drop if there is a curtain attached to the rod.

Step 3

Place your right hand on the thinner part of the rod. Turn your right hand away from you in a counter-clockwise direction. You may hear small popping sounds as the spring releases tension. Continue turning the rod. The rod will unscrew and release from the wall.

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