How to Change an LG Refrigerator From Fahrenheit to Celsius

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You can change your settings to celsius.
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Many LG refrigerators include an ice and water dispenser on the front of the refrigerator. The ice and water dispenser also has a control panel that, in addition to controlling the dispenser settings, allows you to adjust the internal temperature of the refrigerator. By default the internal temperature is set to Fahrenheit; however, it is designed to be easily changed to Celsius. If at any time you would like to switch the temperature readout back to Fahrenheit, you can do so with the touch of a button.


Step 1

Locate the "Freezer" and "Refrigerator" buttons on the ice and water dispenser control panel.

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Step 2

Press and hold the "Freezer" and "Refrigerator" buttons simultaneously.

Step 3

Release the "Freezer" and "Refrigerator" buttons when the temperature display changes from Fahrenheit to Celsius, which takes approximately five seconds.



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