How to Hook Up LED Speaker Lights

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An LED light system connected to your speakers adds visual flair.

Blinking LED lights are popular in nightclubs and with car stereo enthusiasts who want to synchronize a light show with their music. Available in wall-mounted strips or flexible cables, the LEDs connect to your speakers' positive and negative terminals. Typical LED systems have a set of wires for the left speaker and another for the right. During stereo music playback, the two audio channels activate different LEDs to create the sensation of movement. The supplied wires on the LED set connect directly to the speakers.


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Step 1

Turn off the amplifier and disconnect its power cord.

Step 2

Press the two tabs on the back of the left speaker to unlock the terminals and pull out the two wires. The wire from the red terminal is positive. The other wire is negative.

Step 3

Twist the positive speaker wire together with the bare positive wire on your LED lights and leave the negative LED wire dangling for a moment. This pair of wires is typically labeled "Left" or "L" on the LED system to distinguish the pair from the right audio wires.


Step 4

Twist together the bare negative LED wire with the negative speaker wire.

Step 5

Reconnect the wire pairs to the positive and negative terminals on the rear of the left speaker.

Step 6

Twist together the two wires for the LED system's right-audio to the positive and negative wires running from the amplifier to your right speaker. Reconnect the wire pairs to the right speaker terminals.

Step 7

Plug in the power cord for the amplifier. When an audio source is played back through the amp, the small electrical pulse is relayed both to the speakers and the LEDs.



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