How to Kill Maggots Inside Walls

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Things You'll Need

  • Pesticide with permethrin or pyrethrum

  • One quart insecticide sprayer

  • Light source

  • Tin pan

  • Beer


There's something rotting in your wall if maggots are living there. Remove the source of the maggot's food to ensure that new maggots don't move in.

Maggots congregate around sugar food sources like rotting fruit or animals.

Sometimes maggots inhabit the walls of a home when they find a rotting food source in the wall. You have a pair of options for killing maggots inside your house without calling an exterminator. You can spray the area around the wall with a chemical pesticide toxic to maggots, or you can place a beer trap near the wall and lure the maggots out to their demise.


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Chemical Pesticide

Step 1

Obtain a chemical pesticide that contains a maggot toxin. Permethrin and pyrethrum are the two primary types of pesticides that are capable of killing maggots. You may wish to use a pyrethrum-based pesticide if possible because permethrin can be toxic to cats, small animals and children. Pyrethrum is also mildly toxic. If you prefer a non-toxic pesticide you can try Safe Solution's Enzyme Cleaner, a biodegradable and non-toxic pesticide alternative.

Step 2

Pour the insecticide into a one quart-sized insecticide sprayer.


Step 3

Spray the area of the wall that is infested with maggots. Spray around any baseboards, cracks and other surfaces that provide access to the infested wall.

Beer Trap

Step 1

Place a tin pan, or some other shallow dish, near the surface through which the maggots access the wall.

Step 2

Fill the pan halfway with beer.

Step 3

Place a lamp or other light source above the pan. The light will draw the maggots to the trap, and they will drown in the beer.


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