How do I Troubleshoot a DeLonghi Convection Heater That is Not Working?

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Fuse


Check if your DeLonghi convection heater is still under warranty. If it is, get it repaired for free. Call toll-free1-800-322-3848 or log onto their website at

If you need to order a replacement part, call their parts department toll-free at 1-800-865-6330. Have the model number ready. You can find it in your instruction manual or on the base of the heater. DeLonghi doesn’t offer the facility to get parts for all their heaters. Some parts can only be replaced by qualified service personnel.

You can download instruction manuals for your convector heater for free. Log onto and select “Manuals,” then select your product type.


Always bake sure the plug is removed from the main electricity socket before replacing any parts.

Getting your heater to work again could be as easy as replacing the plug fuse.

Convections heaters use no moving parts. As the name suggests, they use the natural movement of air, rather than forced air from a fan, to distribute warmth. An electric element at the base of the heater draws in cold air from floor level, which heats up quickly as it passes through the element and then rises through a metal vent at the top of the heater. Very little can go wrong with a DeLonghi convection heater, but if your heater isn't working you can troubleshoot the problem to decide whether to get it repaired or buy a new one.

Step 1

Remove the plug from the main electricity socket before troubleshooting your DeLonghi convection heater. Undo the screw on the cover of the plug, using a screwdriver so you can access the wiring and fuse.

Step 2

Check the three wires are connected to the plug terminals. If any are loose, undo the terminal screw using a small screwdriver, and insert the wire into the hole. Tighten the screw.

Step 3

Remove the fuse from the fuse holder. Pry it out, using a small screwdriver. Put in a new fuse. Make sure it's the same ampere rating as the one you removed. The rating is printed on the side of the fuse. Replace the plug cover and insert the plug into the mains socket. Turn on the DeLonghi convection heater. If it works, you've solved the problem. If it doesn't, continue troubleshooting.

Step 4

Check the thermostat dial on the top or side of the DeLonghi convection heater. Set it to "0" or "*" then slowly turn the dial clockwise until you hear it click. Turn it slightly more once it's clicked, and check if the heater is working. If it is, the dial was set too low for the heater to start working. If you didn't hear a click when turning the dial, the thermostat isn't working and needs replacement. If the dial clicked and the heater isn't working, the heater element or the internal safety fuse needs replacing.

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