How to Take Care of a Banana Leaf Plant

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Things You'll Need

  • Cool mist humidifier

  • Shallow tray

  • Decorative pebbles

  • Watering can

  • Banana plant fertilizer

  • Pruning shears


Banana leaf plants can be grown outdoors during the summer months, if desired.


Do not allow your plant's growing medium to become waterlogged as it may cause the banana rhizome to rot.

Banana leaf plants prefers a warm and humid climate.

Banana is an herbaceous plant of the Musa genus that is prized for its bright, yellow-peeled fruit of the same name. Native to tropical Southeast Asia, banana grows best in United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) plant hardiness zones 10 and 11. As most of the United States lacks the necessary climate to grow banana successfully, it is often sold under the name banana leaf houseplant and grown indoors. Caring for your beautiful banana leaf plant is simple.

Step 1

Position your banana leaf plant near a window where it can receive eight or more hours of bright light per day. Avoid positioning the plant within 6 feet of heaters or air conditioners, which can cause its growing medium to dry out.

Step 2

Run a cool mist humidifier near the banana leaf plant to raise the humidity of the room in which the plant is kept. Set the plant's container on a shallow tray filled with water and decorative pebbles; as the water evaporates it will provide the banana leaf plant with additional healthy humidity.

Step 3

Water your banana leaf plant two to three times per week to keep its growing medium continually moist. Avoid overwatering by allowing the surface of the growing medium to dry slightly between watering. Reduce the frequency of watering during the winter, when the plant is not actively growing.

Step 4

Fertilize the banana leaf plant once a week with a quarter-strength solution of specially formulated banana plant fertilizer. Apply the weak fertilizer application to your plant according to directions found on the product label.

Step 5

Prune your banana leaf plant, as needed, to control its size and shape. Remove discolored, diseased, damaged or dead leaves from your plant as soon as you notice them. Use sharpened and sterilized pruning shears to cut problem foliage from the plant.


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