Instructions on the Use of Mukka Express

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Make a cappuccino in just four minutes with the Mukka Express.
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The Mukka Express from Bialetti is a coffee maker for use in the home to prepare cappucino or milky coffee. The traditional model is used on a heat source like a stove top, and the electric model plugs into a socket. The Mukka Express takes just four minutes to make two cups of cappuccino. The standard model has a distinctive speckled design which makes it easy to distinguish the Mukka Express from other coffee makers.


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Making Coffee

Step 1

Unscrew the bottom half of the Mukka Express and fill the bottom half with water. Fill to indicator level 1 if using a gas heat source, and indicator level 2 if using an electric heat source.

Step 2

Insert the funnel filter and fill it with ground coffee. Do not press the coffee to compact it. Make sure no coffee is left on the edges; this would prevent the unit from closing properly.


Step 3

Add the top half of the unit and screw it shut.

Step 4

Open the lid and insert the pressure valve into the central column. Turn the valve from 0 to 1. The numbers are visible in the bottom of container.

Step 5

Fill the top half of the unit with milk up to the indicator level and close the lid.


Step 6

Press the button to make cappuccino coffee, or leave the button unpressed to make caffe latte.

Step 7

Transfer the Mukka Express to the stove. On a gas stove use a medium heat, ensuring the flame remains under the unit and does not reach the outer parts.

Step 8

Leave the unit on the heat source after the button rises and you hear the puffing sound made by the machine. The froth is created within 10-15 seconds.

Step 9

Remove the Mukka Express from the stove, carefully open the lid and pour the coffee into a cup, using a spoon to distribute the froth.


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