How to Find the Model Number on a Delta Tub Faucet

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Finding the model number on a Delta tub faucet is a fairly simple task on newer models but may take a little more investigating when it comes to some of the older fixtures. Whether you need the model number to register a new purchase or you're trying to track down a faucet part to replace, it helps to know where to look for the information.



If you're unable to locate the model number on your Delta tub faucet, you can contact the company's customer service department at 1-800-345-DELTA (3358) to see if they can assist you. You can also email them a photo of the product using the online form on the Delta website.

Check Faucet Packaging and Instructions

All of the Delta tub faucets have model numbers printed on both the packaging and in the instruction manuals that are included with the item. The easiest way to make sure you know this number is to take note of it before any of this material is thrown away. You can take a picture of it and tag it, save the instructions, write the number down or keep the packaging for reference. Look for this information either on the top of the box or close to the UPC code. The written instructions will have the model number clearly marked.


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This works well for those who have purchased a new tub faucet or still have these materials on hand. If you've tossed the manual or packaging, there are still ways to find a model number for the tub faucet. Delta's website can be helpful, and on newer products, the model number is included on the item in most cases.

Old and New Faucet Models

If your Delta tub faucet is one that has been manufactured since 2012, the model number should be a cinch to find. Simply look for the model identification tag, which can be found on a supply line. This makes it incredibly easy to find if it's needed.


Locating a Delta tub faucet model number on an older model can be a little more involved, especially if the packaging and manual are no longer around. That said, Delta has made an effort to help customers locate information on older fixtures through their website by providing customers with a handy search tool. The company created a "wizard" that helps you find your faucet by asking a few simple questions, such as what room it's for, the product type and other basic descriptors. Once entered, it narrows the field and presents a visual set of results that match. You can then scroll through and find your item.


If you're searching for a model number so you can order faucet parts, it may be helpful to note that if you own a fixture from the company's Artistic Brass line, there are no parts made for those products anymore. Also, if you own one of their Delta Select items, these were rebranded under another line called Brizo in 2004, but they still carry Delta's warranty.




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