How to Remove Gila Window Film

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Tinted film reduces glare from the sun.

Gila Window Film reduces sun and streetlamp glare, protects against harmful U/V rays and helps maintain a cooler room temperature in the summer. For newer window tinting film equipped with an EZMount coating, simply slide a fingernail or tool under a corner and slowly pull the film from the window. For damaged film, or for film without EZMount coating, removal requires a more labor-intensive process.


Step 1

Fill a plastic spray bottle with eight ounces, or one cup, of water. Add four ounces of ammonia and one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Affix the cap and gently swirl the bottle to mix the ingredients. If available, substitute the solution with Gila Film Removal Solution. Check the Gila Film website for retailer locations.


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Step 2

Protect surfaces with painter's tape and a drop cloth.

Protect the floor and window pane. Set a drop cloth on the floor and old towels on the pane. Secure them with painter's tape to prevent movement.


Step 3

Scrape the film with a razor blade.

Lift the edge of the film with a razor blade. Carefully scrape the corner away from the window. Spray the mixture on the exposed window. Allow the spray to penetrate for several minutes before moving on.


Step 4

Peel the film away from the window at a diagonal angle, a few inches at a time. Spray the exposed window each time. When the film begins to peel easily, firmly grip the film and slowly pull the film off the rest of the way. Adhesive backing not dissolved by the spray solution remains on the window. It appears translucent, but becomes more opaque as the glue releases its grip.

Step 5

Clean the razor blade. Wipe the edge with a paper towel.


Step 6

Spray the entire window. Cover the adhesive, but do not allow it to run onto the carpet or window pane. Rub the translucent areas with paper towel until the adhesive dries.

Step 7

Wet the dry adhesive with the ammonia solution and scrape with a clean razor blade. Continue to wipe the blade to remove debris.


Step 8

Wash the windows. When only a negligible amount of adhesive remains, spray the window with the ammonia solution one last time. Squeegee the excess water away.

Step 9

Newspaper prevents window streaks.

Remove remaining residue with soapy water, or a mixture of vinegar and water. Apply equal parts vinegar and water with a squirt bottle or clean towel. Crumple a piece of newspaper in your hand and wipe the window. Newspaper not only absorbs moisture, but prevents streaking.

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