How to Clean and Maintain an Antique Coffee Grinder Mill

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Things You'll Need

  • Handheld vacuum cleaner

  • Small hose attachment

  • 1/2 cup white rice

  • Wastebasket

  • Appliance brush

Numerous advantages abound for having an antique coffee grinder. Antique coffee grinders are both functional and decorative, instantly giving your kitchen an old fashioned aura. Antique coffee grinders are also a green way to create your morning coffee, relying on your own force, unlike electric grinders, which use a small dose of electricity. Antique coffee grinders often last for years, as the majority of them boast the best of construction. You can make your antique coffee grinder last as long a possible via proper cleaning and maintenance.

Weekly or Monthly Cleaning

Step 1

Attach a small hose to a hand held vacuum cleaner. Remove the small bottom drawer that collects the coffee grinds and set it aside. Turn on the vacuum cleaner to low power. Insert it into the interior of the coffee bean grinder.

Step 2

Move the small hose around, collecting all the caked-on grinds. Make sure you move the hose around thoroughly so that it collects all the lingering grinds. Turn the hose into the interior of the bottom drawer and let it vacuum up leftover grinds there. Place the hose on the top of the grinder to suck up any leftover bean remnants there.

Step 3

Fill the top of the antique grinder with 3/4 cup uncooked white rice. Turn the handle of the coffee bean grinder vigorously. The white rice will suck up and eliminate any stubborn coffee odors or stains.

Daily Maintenance

Step 1

Remove the small bottom drawer daily and vigorously shake out the remaining coffee bean grinds. Hold it upside down and lightly tap the bottom of the drawer to loosen any lingering grinds.

Step 2

Hold the entire coffee bean grinder securely in your hands. Turn it upside down and shake it energetically over a wastebasket. A downpour of loose grinds should fall into the trash. Still holding the antique coffee bean grinder upside down, move it from side to side, loosening grounds.

Step 3

Brush out the inside of the antique coffee bean grinder with an appliance brush. Use the brush to sweep inside the machine, around the blades and other hard-to-reach places.


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