How to Reset a Samsung Freezer Refrigerator

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It is easy to reset your refrigerator.
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Samsung offers many reliable refrigerator models known for their performance and quality. Models range from standard affordable refrigerators to fridges paired with smart technology, so there's certainly a model to suit every need. As reliable as this technology can be, a refrigerator can occasionally go through an upset and need to be reset.

Causes for Refrigerator Errors

There are several things that can trigger an upset in the refrigerator's programming. A high temperature detected in the fridge can cause the temperature display to react. This can happen if the door is accidentally left open or if very hot food was placed in the fridge.

Alternatively, the temperature display could have a malfunction or even stop working. In addition, the refrigerator could have accidentally reset itself into shop mode, which allows the refrigerator's smart functions to be displayed without running the cooling functions.

A power outage, even momentarily, can cause an upset in the refrigerator's control board. Finally, Samsung explains, your refrigerator could simply be stuck in demo mode.

Samsung Refrigerator Reset

If the Samsung refrigerator has temperature problems, like if a high temperature inside the refrigerator has been detected, this will often simply reset itself after the refrigerator cools enough to reach its target temperature. If the temperature alert is still sounding, check that the door is closed and sealed and/or remove any hot food that has been placed inside. Once the interior is cool again, this alarm should reset on its own.

If some sort of default has occurred within the refrigerator's controls, the display screen may throw up an alphanumeric code; Samsung refrigerators are normally excellent at self-diagnosing what has gone wrong. Check the user manual for that particular model of refrigerator to see how to react to the problem and what needs to be done.

In most cases, a hard reset of the refrigerator can solve the issue. This involves turning off the refrigerator and unplugging it for some time. Leaving the refrigerator unplugged for 10 to 15 minutes gives the internal circuitry time to reset, and once the fridge is powered back up and turned on, normally the upset will be cleared.

Additional Reset Options

Refrigerators Reviewed explains that if the refrigerator has somehow ended up in shop mode, this can be reset by holding down buttons on the display panel of the Samsung refrigerator for about five seconds to trigger a restart in operating mode. This is normally done by holding down the power freezer and power cool buttons but can depend on the model; check the user manual to be sure which buttons will trigger the reset.

If the control panel seems to be malfunctioning, first check to make sure the keypad has not been locked. Some models have a child lock function that prevents random pressing of the keypad. If the control panel is still showing an error, there should be a reset switch inside the refrigerator door; flip the switch off and then on again to reboot the control panel. If this doesn't work, use a hard reset.

If the Samsung refrigerator continues to show an alarm, error, alphanumeric code or other malfunction even after a hard reset, it's time to call in a service technician who can better diagnose the issue. These experts will be able to identify the problem and repair whatever is causing the upset.


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