Fluorescent lighting is a common choice for many homeowner workshops as it provides bright and even lighting for projects. Available from a variety of manufacturers, fluorescent lights typically feature an elongated metal or plastic housing that encases the ballast and holds one or more fluorescent light bulb tubes in place. A cord extends from the housing for connection to a power supply and chains can attach the fixture to the ceiling and hold it in place.


Step 1

Locate a position on the ceiling of a garage, shop or other area where you are installing the fluorescent light. Hold the fluorescent fixture up to the ceiling and mark points on the ceiling for installing hooks. Mark the installation points on the ceiling to match the points where chains will connect to the fixture.

Step 2

Determine if you can use ceiling joists for installing the screw-in hooks for mounting the fluorescent fixture. Drill a hole for installing a screw-in anchor if a joist is not available. Choose a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the screw-in hook and drill a pilot hole. Insert the screw-in anchor with a screwdriver.

Step 3

Install a screw-in hook by turning it into the ceiling and joist or into the anchor. Use a pair of pliers to help twist the screw-in hook securely in place if necessary.

Step 4

Insert one or more fluorescent tubes, based on the design, into the light fixture. Attach mounting chains to the light fixture so you can hang it from the ceiling.

Step 5

Determine the length that the fluorescent fixture should hang down from the ceiling, and adjust the chain length. Hang the chains securely on the hooks.

Step 6

Connect the fluorescent light to a nearby power outlet, extension cord or shop cord based on personal preference.