How do I Identify a Model of an Andersen Sliding Door?

In 1903, Hans Andersen founded Andersen Corporation in Hudson, Wisconsin. Andersen Corporation celebrated 100 years in business in 2003 by pledging to build 100 homes for Habitat for Humanity. Today, Andersen manufactures more than six million windows and doors worldwide, including three types of patio doors. Andersen provides replacement parts for all models of patio doors.

Some Andersen doors contain ornamental grilles.

Step 1

Open the patio door. Search inside the top or side of the jamb for a product sticker. If your Andersen door is circa 2007 or later, the product sticker will be on one of these jambs. The sticker will show the product identification number--for example, "Prod Id 211 -070731 -00678," as well as the Andersen Window phone number. If there is no product sticker, Andersen product support will require several details to identify your patio door.

Step 2

Identify the primary patio door type. If the door slides from left to right within a track, it is a gliding patio door. If the doors have hinges and swing inward, it is a hinged patio door. If the doors swing outward, it is an outswing patio door.

Step 3

Observe and note the color of the door frames and ornamental grilles, if present. Exterior frame color choices are white, sandtone (light grey), terratone (dark grey), forest green, cocoa bean (brown) or custom color. Inside frame colors include all exterior colors, plus pine, oak and maple. Check whether the ornamental grille is between the panes of glass, inside the door and removable, or absent. Note the color of the grille. Choices are white, sandtone, terratone or stainless steel.

Step 4

Look for the Andersen glass logo; it will be in one of the four corners of each sheet of glass. Write down all words and numbers surrounding the logo. The logo will have the word "Andersen" with a capital "AW" underneath. An example description might be "Below the AW is TWindow Herculite K. Beneath that is ANSI Z 97 1 1972 3/16 inch U for DS-U. The next line is Tempered Safety Glass and the next line is SGCC058 11673."

Step 5

Measure in inches the width and height of the exposed glass, from inside edge to inside edge. Count the number of glass door panels in the patio unit; there will be two, three or four.

Step 6

Phone Andersen Windows with all the details, and they will identify your patio door model. The phone number is 1-888-888-7020.

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