How do I Prevent Rusting of a Shower Curtain Rod?

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Rust can be removed from older shower rods.

Newer shower curtain rods are made of plastics or coated with a no-rust finish, but there is no reason to discard an older model that does not have the protection against rust. Moisture counteracts with metal and causes the chemical reaction of rust. By using certain agents that lessen this unsightly result, your curtain rod can last for many more years. This procedure will also help avoid mold and mildew that can form on your curtain rod.


How to clean and maintain your shower curtain rod.

Step 1

Expose your rod by removing the curtain and rings.

Standing on a secure ladder or stool, remove your shower curtain from the rod so that the entire surface of the rod is exposed. There is no need to remove the rod.


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Step 2

Paper towels will hold liquid easily and are discardable.

Wearing rubber gloves, saturate enough paper towels with white vinegar to cover the entire length of the rod. Standing on a sturdy ladder, place paper towels lengthwise on top of the rod with the sides hanging down.


Step 3

Aluminum oxide is a metal polishing compound that removes rust when wet.

Wrap aluminum foil around the damp paper towels hanging on the rod to hold the paper securely in place. Leave in place for at least two hours.


Step 4

A sponge with an abrasive pad works well to remove rust.

Remove the aluminum foil and paper towels from the rod. Rub your scratching pad over the entire surface to remove any loose rust particles. Dip your sponge in a soap and water mixture to thoroughly clean. Wipe dry with a clean cotton cloth.


Step 5

Mineral oil coats and protects metal surfaces.

Apply a thin coat of mineral oil to your clean curtain rod to protect from moisture and bacteria buildup. A routine cleaning and reapplication of mineral spirits will provide a rust-preventative coating to keep your curtain rod clean and well maintained.



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