How to Fix a Warped Cabinet Door

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Things You'll Need

  • Power drill

  • L-bracket

  • Screws

  • Hack saw

  • Ratchet

  • Socket set

  • Threaded coupler

  • Truss rod

A warped cabinet door can be repaired yourself.

A warped cabinet door can cause numerous problems. Warping generally occurs when there is a water source nearby, such as a sink. The door soaks up the moisture in the air, this moisture causes the door to warp. A warped door will generally not close correctly. Two types of cabinet door warping exist, centerline and twisted. Centerline warping occurs when the warping occurs along the door in a length or width-wise fashion. Twisted warping occurs when the corners of the cabinet door twist away from one another.

Step 1

Remove the door hinge from the cabinet by loosening the screws that secure the hinge to the cabinet.

Step 2

Attach the two L-brackets on opposite corners of the door using screws and a power drill. Place a screw in each hole of the L-bracket and fasten the brackets to the door using a power drill.

Step 3

Measure the size of truss rod needed by measuring between the two L-bracket mounting points. Measure the length of the threaded insert. Subtract the total distance between the L-brackets by the length of the threaded rod. Subtract an additional 1/2-inch for adjustment. Divide this number by two. This will give you the length of the two truss rods.

Step 4

Cut the truss rods to the appropriate size using a hack saw.

Step 5

Place each truss rod into the hole on the L-bracket and tighten the nut on the side using a ratchet and socket. Insert the threaded rod between the two truss rods. Thread the threaded rod into each truss rod.

Step 6

Tighten the threaded rod using a wrench until the two corners of the door are pulled together enough to eliminate the warp.

Step 7

Re-attach the door to the cabinet using a power drill.


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