How to Get the Caps Off Toilet Bolts

After years of regular use, the mechanics of a toilet begin to wear out and stop working. If the damage is bad enough, the best solution is to replace the entire toilet. When this happens, the obvious first step is to remove the toilet from the bathroom. Toilets are secured to the floor with two or more bolts that generally have plastic caps to protect them from rusting. Before you can unscrew the bolts, the plastic caps have to be removed.

A typical toilet with a bolt on each side.

Step 1

Position a flathead screwdriver between the bolt cap and the base of the toilet.

Step 2

Press down on the handle of the screwdriver to pry off the cap. Work your way around the cap if it doesn't pop off in one try.

Step 3

Repeat the process for all other bolt caps on the toilet. Most toilets have one bolt on each side, but there may be more on the backside of the toilet.

Kenneth Coppens

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