How to Set the Time & the Chime on Howard Miller Clocks

Founded in 1926 by Howard Miller, Howard Miller Total Home is one of the most well-known manufacturers of grandfather clocks. Along with heirloom-quality grandfather clocks, Howard Miller also produces mantel-top, wall and table clocks. Some of the clocks include maritime and weather capabilities and some adjust to daylight savings time automatically.

Set the time and chimes on a Howard Miller clock.

Step 1

Open the clock door to gain access to the clock hands.

Step 2

Set the day/night lever all the way up--the strike position--if applicable. Also, if your clock has automatic chime sequencing, turn it off. Setting the time with the lever set on "auto" may damage the chime mechanism.

Step 3

Move the minute hand backward to the correct time. Do not move the hour hand--it will move as you adjust the minute hand. Moving the hand backward removes the need to wait for the chimes to sound when you pass each quarter hour. The chimes automatically synchronize with the time. It can take up to 12 hours for the chimes to sound properly and in sync with the time.