How to Find a Mac Tool Distributor

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Mac Tools produces a wide variety of tools.

Mac Tools manufactures a wide variety of both consumer and professional tools. If you would like to purchase a Mac Tools product, you must locate a distributor, as the company does not sell to customers directly. There are many distributors across the country and you can contact Mac Tools to find the one closest to you.


Step 1

Navigate to the Mac Tools Self-Service Support web page. A link is provided in the References section of this article.

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Step 2

Complete all of the fields with red stars next to them, as these are required. In the message field, indicate that you are trying to locate a distributor and be sure to include your name, the name and address of your shop and your phone number.


Step 3

Click "Send" to submit the form. A Mac Tools representative will contact your shortly with the name and telephone number of a distributor near you.



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