How to Paint Over 1970s Paneling

Paneling from the 1970s can make your home look less than groovy. It can be too expensive for many homeowners to remove the paneling from their homes. An excellent solution for dark and dated 70s paneling is paint. Painting paneling is easy to do and will give you dramatic results. Learn more about how to paint the paneling in your home.

1970s paneling

Step 1

Wash the paneling with water and dish detergent. The degreaser in the dish detergent will help to remove any grease and dirt that may have accumulated on the paneling over the years. Allow the paneling to dry completely.

Step 2

Apply wood putty to the paneling using a putty knife. You simply need to fill in any nail holes, large dents, or cracks. Allow the putty to dry per manufacturer directions.

Step 3

Sand the paneling with fine-grit sandpaper. This will prepare the paneling for the paint. Sanding will also smooth any bumps that might be left from the wood putty. Wipe the paneling with a damp cloth once it has been sanded.

Step 4

Apply primer to the paneling use a paintbrush and paint roller. The oil-based primer will help block any stains from showing through the paint. Primer also helps the latex paint adhere to the paneling. Allow the oil-based primer to dry completely.

Step 5

Apply three thin coats of latex paint to the paneling with a paint roller. Use a paintbrush to reach into small spaces on the paneling. Allow the paint to dry after each coat of paint. Allow two to three days for the last coat to dry before everyday use.