How to Turn Jets on in the Hot Tub

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It's easy to turn your hot tub jets.
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A hot tub provides a soothing, relaxing environment that gives you a few moments of peace from the outside world. You can relax in a hot tub by soaking in the water alone, or you can turn on the tub jets, which form the bubbling, massaging action that is typically preferred by hot tub users. Even if you have never used a hot tub before, turning on the jets is a simple procedure.


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Step 1

Locate the control panel of the hot tub. This is typically near the hot tub entryway. It will either be on the top or side of the hot tub itself or on a nearby wall panel.

Step 2

Turn on the jets. You will see a speed (low, medium, high) that allows you to adjust the force of the hot tub jets. Medium is the average setting. Some hot tubs will allow you to make specific adjustments to each area of the hot tub. Turn on either all of the jets or just the one in your corner of the hot tub.


Step 3

Turn on the timer as well. This will also be located on the control panel, and allow you to choose anywhere from one minute, up to 30 minutes or an hour on most hot tubs. Turn the timer to the setting you prefer, and enjoy your relaxation in the hot tub. The jets will turn off automatically when the time has expired.