How to Repair the Pull Cord for Blinds

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Miniblinds offer privacy, filter light, and help to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home, but what do you do when they get stuck, break, or seem askew? Before you decide to buy new window blinds, there are some simple repairs you can try at home. Repairing blinds doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Here are some common problems and simple steps to help you fix them.


How to Repair Stuck Blinds

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There are few things more frustrating than blinds that are stuck. Whether they are stuck at the top, the bottom, or anywhere in between, these steps can help you fix the lock mechanism pin that often causes the problem. Go through each step carefully to get your blinds working smoothly.


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  1. Leaving the blinds on the window, pull the cord so the blinds go all the way up to the headrail. Tug the cord gently to release. If this does not solve the problem, continue to the next step.

  2. Remove the blinds from the window by taking off the cover on each bracket at the end of the headrail (no tool is typically needed.) Lift the blinds from the brackets and remove them. Then lay them on a flat surface.

  3. Look inside the headrail for the lock mechanism where the cords run through. Find the pin inside the lock and place the flat side of a flathead screwdriver against the pin to release the mechanism.

  4. Put the blinds back on the window and replace the covers that go over the brackets of the headrail. Test the cord a few times to ensure it works smoothly.


How to Replace a Broken Cord

The cord system built into blinds is what keeps things moving so your blinds work properly. Sometimes cords are worn, frayed, or even completely broken and may even leave you unable to open or close your blinds. When a cord is broken, people often think the blinds are useless. However, getting some new cord and replacing the broken cord isn't complicated.


  1. Remove the blinds and lay them on a flat surface.

  2. Remove the cord caps securing the lift cord on the underside of the bottom slat.

  3. Use the manufacturer's information to determine the size of the cord. If you do not have that information, you can determine the size the cord by wrapping your damaged cord around a pencil exactly 10 times. Then push the cord so all 10 sections are touching. Measure the width of the wrapped strands. Match the wrapped width to determine the size cord needed: 3/8 inch wrapped = 0.9 mm cord, 1/2 inch wrapped = 1.2 mm cord, 9/16 inch wrapped = 1.4 mm cord, 5/8 inch wrapped = 1.6 mm cord, 11/16 inch wrapped = 1.8 mm cord, 3/4 inch wrapped = 2.0 mm cord, 7/8 inch wrapped = 2.2 mm cord, 15/16 inch wrapped = 2.4 mm cord, 1 1/16 inches wrapped = 2.7 mm cord, 1 1/8 inches wrapped = 2.9 mm cord, 1 1/4 inches wrapped = 3.2 mm cord, 1 1/2 inches wrapped = 3.6 mm cord, 1 5/8 inches wrapped = 4.0 mm cord.

  4. Once you determine the size of the cord needed, connect the new cord to the end of the old cord using masking tape.

  5. Gently pull the old cord to thread the new cord through the blinds. Continue until the old cord is completely replaced by the new cord.

  6. Cut off the old cord where you connected the two cords. Tie knots on the end of the new cord and reattach the caps.


Preventing Issues With Cords

It is helpful to check your blinds a few times per year to make sure they continue to function properly. Things to look for include:

  • The blinds release, raise, and lower smoothly.

  • The cords look neat and do not have frayed sections.

  • There are no knots or tangles in the cords.

  • The blinds are clean and free of debris.


If you do need to replace your blinds, start by making sure your new blinds are the right size for your window. Keep these simple tips in mind to help your blinds work well for years to come.



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