How to Adjust the Oiler on an Echo Chain Saw

The Echo chain saw's oil pump controls the amount of oil released onto the bar to lubricate the chain during cutting. Maintaining proper lubrication every time you use the saw is essential to maximizing the chain's performance, making your work easier. The Echo chain saw has an adjustable oiler that allows you to control the amount of oil that is released onto the bar while you cut. Adjusting the oiler on an Echo saw is easy and should be performed routinely throughout the course of the saw's life and on individual jobs as well.

It is important to keep your chainsaw well oiled

Step 1

Turn off the Echo chain saw, and release the chain brake by pulling back on the chain brake lever. The chain brake is the plastic bar located on the topside of the body and in between the bar and the throttle. With a gloved hand, spin the chain to ensure the chain brake is off.

Step 2

Turn the saw upside down. Look for the adjustable oiler screw. It will be a plus and minus sign with a little dripping oil can next to it.

Step 3

Twist the adjusting screw clockwise with the screwdriver to decrease oil volume; turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise to increase the oil volume.

Step 4

Start the saw again. Depress the throttle and hold the bar's tip about 2 inches away from a clean piece of wood. You should see a light splattering of oil against the wood if the oiler is adjusted properly.

Step 5

Adjust the oiler as necessary throughout the job to maintain proper lubrication.