How to Re-Coat a Teflon Cooking Pan

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Teflon ® cookware is a product widely known for its durable non-stick coating pans. Teflon is made from a liquid paint substance that contains PTFE (polytetrafluoroethlyene), or the material that produces a repellent and non-stick surface. Teflon's coating can eventually fade and chip, dangerously exposing people to toxic material if digested. Therefore, it is encouraged that worn Teflon pans are re-coated to ensure a safe cooking and high-performing experience.


Step 1

Read the pan's manufacturer guide for warranty guidelines. Some companies may be willing to replace or re-coat the pans free of charge or at a moderate cost.

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Step 2

Use a non-stick repair spray. Coat the pan with the sprays as instructed by product directions. Use the repair spray on low to moderate peeling or scratched pans. Understand that the repair spray can increase the lifespan of the pan, but it cannot repair the damage.


Step 3

Have a professional re-coat the pan. According to Michigan State University Extension, frequently used Teflon cookware can be re-coated successfully at very high temperature settings. Use this option only for your best Teflon pans because professional re-coating services can be expensive.



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