How to Remove Scratches From Melamine

Melamine is a popular material for countertops and cabinet interiors, but it can scratch. While it's impossible to sand out the scratch as you would with granite, there are ways to minimize its appearance. The best method for repairing scratched melamine depends on the color of your melamine and the severity of the scratch. There are repair kits available, but first try these quick fixes using products you likely already have in your home to virtually erase scratches from melamine.

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Step 1

If your melamine is white, place a small amount of Soft Scrub on a clean lint-free cloth and rub the scratch gently with a circular motion until the scratch is removed.

Step 2

If your melamine is colored, choose a crayon that matches the color of your melamine, and use it to fill in the scratch.

Step 3

Rub the scratch that has been filled with crayon wax gently with a clean, lint-free cloth in all directions until the wax is fully worked into the scratch.

Step 4

Draw the matching crayon over the melamine again now that the initial application has been worked into the scratch.

Step 5

Give the scratch a final lengthwise buffing with your cloth.