How to Fix a Broken Table Leg

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A broken table leg often means that the table will be thrown out and replaced. But if the table is in otherwise good shape, or if it has sentimental value, the table leg can be easily fixed. If a table leg breaks off with a clean, straight horizontal edge it can be repaired with carpenter's wood glue. If the break is at a diagonal angle, a few additional steps are needed to strengthen the broken area so it can withstand weight.


Step 1

Move the table to outdoors or to a garage. If moving the table is not possible, place a plastic tarp over floor to prevent it from being damaged during the repair process.

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Step 2

Flip the table over so that it is upside-down with the legs pointing into the air.


Step 3

Place the broken leg piece back into its original position, with the broken edges fitted together as closely as possible.

Step 4

Wrap masking tape around the table leg three to four times to hold it in position while you continue with the repair.

Step 5

Insert a 1/8-inch bit into the drill.


Step 6

Drill two holes in the table leg at 90-degree angles to the tabletop. The holes should be located at the point of the break and should penetrate the section attached to the table and go through the broken-off portion of the leg as well. Both holes must go through the entire combined leg.

Step 7

Insert a nail into each hole until it extends through the other side of the table leg. Use a hammer to gently tap the nail in if needed. Remove the masking tape from around the leg of the table.


Step 8

Place the tip of the glue bottle against the table leg at the location of the break. Squeeze the bottle gently to insert glue into the break. Work your way around the entire break, inserting glue around the entire table leg. Press the leg pieces together with your hands to compress the glue.

Step 9

Turn a 1-foot-long section of wax paper so that the wax side faces the table leg. Wrap the wax paper around the entire table leg and secure it with masking tape. Allow the table to sit for 24 hours to allow the glue to dry.


Step 10

Remove the masking tape and wax paper from the table leg.

Step 11

Cut off the four nail ends as close to the surface of the table leg as possible. Use wire cutters.

Step 12

File down the four protruding ends of the nails until they are smooth and flush with the table leg. Use a metal file. Turn the table right side up and place it back into its original position.

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