How to Secure Vinyl Floor Tile That Is Not Sticking

Many homeowners choose vinyl tile for their flooring, especially in rental units and apartments. With the wide variety of styles and brands available, you can install a vinyl tile floor in an afternoon. If you have a vinyl tile floor, you may encounter one or more tiles that have come loose from the subfloor. Typically caused by the wrong type of subfloor or improper subfloor cleaning prior to installation, you can use a standard method for fixing this problem.

You can use a rolling pin to help affix vinyl floor tile.

Step 1

Lift the loose tile and set it aside. If the tile partially sticks to the floor, slide a putty knife under the loose edge to pull it free.

Step 2

Sweep or vacuum the area to remove any loose dirt and dust.

Step 3

Apply vinyl floor adhesive to the work area, using a 1/16-by-1/16-by-1/32 U-notch trowel (or a different size, if recommended by adhesive manufacturer) to smooth a thin coating onto the subfloor where the tile will be installed. Allow glue to dry until slightly tacky, or according to manufacturer's specifications.

Step 4

Position the tile into place, taking care to fit the tile carefully into its space. Press firmly into the adhesive.

Step 5

Using a rolling pin, roll the entire surface of the reinstalled tile, pressing down hard to adhere the tile to the glue and remove all air pockets.