How to Get Rid of White Mold on Furniture

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Things You'll Need

  • Broom

  • Vacuum

  • Sponge

  • Detergent

  • Denatured alcohol or bleach safe for colors

  • Clean cloths

  • Sponges

  • Fungicide


Getting rid of mold on furniture can be very taxing on your time. Consider reupholstering your furniture. If the damage is extensive and has gone into the padding of your furniture, it is time to replace the furniture and get rid of a potentially toxic substance.


Some molds are toxic and dangerous. Deal with the mold immediately to reduce health risks.

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White mold is a bacteria that can grow frequently in homes. If you have hot and humid areas in your house, mold can develop on your furniture. The best way to cut down on mold in your home is to reduce the humidity as much as is possible, even if that means implementing dehumidifiers around your home. Mold that has had time to propagate and grow substantially can in fact be toxic; its removal is imperative and should be done immediately to avoid compromising the health of your household any further.


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Upholstered Furniture

Step 1

Take the furniture outside.

Step 2

Sweep the furniture to remove any loose spores. Doing this outside will keep the spores outside instead of inside where they might propagate and grow more mold.


Step 3

Vacuum the surfaces of the furniture to pull up more mold spores.

Step 4

Put a few drops of detergent on a clean, wet sponge and spot clean all of the moldy spots.

Step 5

Dilute denatured alcohol or bleach that is safe for colors and scrub spots if the mold has not come off with detergent.


Step 6

Spray areas with fungicide, to continue to kill the mold.

Step 7

Leave the furniture outside until it is dry. Bring the furniture in after wiping off the furniture with a slightly damp cloth. This ensures that all of the fungicide is off of the furniture to the point where it will not harm anyone or any animal that may reside in your household.


Wooden Furniture

Step 1

Take the furniture outside. Sweep all of the mold off that you can. This keeps the spores out of the house.

Step 2

Wash down furniture with soapy water. Do not saturate, but rather dip a sponge or wash cloth into warm soapy water and wipe down the furniture. Saturation could damage your wooden furniture.


Step 3

Spray the area that had mold with a fungicide and allow it to dry.

Step 4

Wipe down the wooden furniture with a dry rag and bring back inside.