How to Unclog a Kohler Toilet?

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Even high-end toilets get clogged.

Kohler is a widely known name in bathroom appliances and has a reputation for being high end and well crafted. The Kohler toilet comes in many designs and styles and is designed by engineers to have a powerful flush. However, even high-end precision toilets can become clogged at times. The good news is that unclogging a Kohler toilet is fairly easy.


Step 1

Put on gloves to protect your hands in case of splash-up or overflow. Remove any rugs that are near the toilet, again, in case of overflow.

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Step 2

Take your plunger and put it into the middle part of the bowl of the Kohler toilet. Push it down into the hole gently. Now pull up slowly. This will pull whatever is sticking and clogging up the toilet and dislodge it. Do this slowly and gently, especially if the water in the toilet bowl is high.


Step 3

Repeat this process until all the water is sucked back down into the toilet.

Step 4

Flush the toilet to make sure you have cleared the clog and the water all goes down.

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