How to Troubleshoot an American Standard Furnace

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The circuit breakers and fuses should be checked to see if the fuse has been tripped or needs to be replaced.

If you smell gas around your furnace, leave your house and contact your gas company and/or the fire department.

Keep the area around your furnace clear to allow the necessary airflow around the unit. Keep flammable materials, including insulation away, from your unit.

Use experienced repairmen to fix your American Standard furnace unit or you will void any furnace warranty.

Troubleshoot an American Standard Furnace

Simple American Standard furnace troubleshooting, maintenance and repairs can be performed by homeowners. More complicated repairs should be performed by furnace dealers or licensed technicians. Incorrect repairs can lead to home fires and other safety hazards. Troubleshoot your American Standard furnace to determine the problem before you contact the repairman.


Step 1

Call your gas company to see if your gas has been turned off. This may have happened because of construction work in your area. Request the gas company to turn on your gas or fix your gas line.

Step 2

Find out what temperature you have your thermostat set at. Make sure it's not turned off or the temperature is not set incorrectly. If your thermostat is programmable, look to see what the time setting is on your unit. Forgetting to reset the clock on your thermostat means the temperature in your home will not adjust at the correct time.

Step 3

Look to see if your unit is unplugged. If any work was being done around your furnace, workers could have unplugged your unit to use the outlet. It sounds silly, but it does happen.


Step 4

Locate your American Standard model's product manual. See Reference section three for a list of product manuals. Examine this manual for troubleshooting tips unique to your model of furnace.

Step 5

Turn the power for your American Standard Furnace on and off twice in 30 seconds. This will reset any lockout issues on your furnace.

Step 6

Open and close the blower door. If this door is not secure or is missing, the unit may not run appropriately.

Step 7

Feel around the American Standard furnace to see if there is any air coming through the vent. If there is no air circulation, you will have to contact a repair person, as the indoor air blower is not correctly operating and may need replaced.


Step 8

Examine the outside unit. Is anything blocking the airflow around the unit? Trim any close hedges and remove and grass clippings or debris that may have collected around the vent.

Step 9

Change your air filter. Dirty air filters will block the airflow in your unit. Make sure you check all air filters in your American Standard furnace. Some units have air filters on the back and the sides of the furnace.

Step 10

Find out if you have closed all of the windows in your house. Cool air may be escaping from your home right out the window.


Step 11

Move your hand around the American Standard furnace to see if there is any air circulating. If this air is not cool, it is likely that the coils on your furnace have frozen. Turn the unit off and allow the line to thaw. If this keeps occurring, you will need to contact your dealer or a repairman.

Step 12

Make sure the temperature on your thermostat is set correctly.



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