How to Clean the Textured Bottom of Your Bathtub

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The textured surface at the bottom of a bathtub holds onto grime.
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A textured floor in your tub or shower is nice when you're trying not to slip and fall, but it's not so nice when you're trying to clean soap scum out of its tiny crevices. Cleaning bathtub grime isn't supposed to be a second job, though it can feel that way when your the bathtub cleaners just don't work. When dealing with a textured floor, you may have to adopt some new cleaning techniques to get the job done.


Step 1

Apply a gentle-abrasive, cream-based cleanser with added bleach to a tub that is cleaned every week or two. A thick paste of baking soda and water is another option. With either cleanser, rub it into the tub bottom in small circles using a clean sponge. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

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Step 2

Dampen a melamine foam cleaning sponge, like Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser, if you've let your tub or shower go. These cleaning blocks remove the toughest grime out of your tub. Have several cleaning blocks on hand, however, as the textured surface wears away the block quickly as you scrub. It can take about three of the cleaning erasers to clean a very dirty shower. It may take even more to clean a tub. Rinse and wipe down with a rag to remove the eraser residue.


Step 3

Thoroughly rinse soap and dirt residue down the drain after bathing to maintain your tub's newly clean surface. After drying yourself off, use your towel to then wipe down your tub to prevent dirt and residue building up in the future.



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