DIY Reusable Bathroom Cleaning Wipes

Bathrooms can get pretty dirty, and store bought bathroom cleaning wipes are usually full of chemicals. These DIY bathroom cleaning wipes are simple to make with a few household ingredients and are chemical free, too. You can reuse the cloths and make a new batch once you've used all of them as well, which is not only good for the environment, but also great for your budget.

How to Make Your Own Bathroom Cleaning Cloths
credit: Jessica Kielman
You need water, castile soap, lemon essential oil, lavender essential oil, cloth wipes and an airtight container.
credit: Jessica Kielman

Step 1

Add half of the warm water to your container.

Add water to your container.
credit: Jessica Kielman

Step 2

Add the castile soap.

Add castile soap to your container.
credit: Jessica Kielman

Step 3

Add 10 drops each of lemon essential oil and lavender essential oil.

Add essential oils.
credit: Jessica Kielman

Step 4

Whisk the ingredients together.

Whisk ingredients together.
credit: Jessica Kielman

Step 5

Cut each of the reusable cloth wipes in half. You should have 12 cloths once they have been cut in half.

Cut the reusable cloth wipes in half.
credit: Jessica Kielman

Step 6

Roll each cloth up and place upright in the container.

Roll each cloth and place in the container.
credit: Jessica Kielman

Step 7

Add the rest of the water and give the container a shake.

DIY Bathroom Cleaning Wipes
credit: Jessica Kielman

These DIY bathroom cleaning cloths can be used over and over again. Simply toss the used wipes in with your laundry. They are washer and dryer safe. Once clean, you can add them back into your jar of cleaning solution and use until the solution is gone, then just make new solution using the recipe above.

DIY Bathroom cleaning cloths
credit: Jessica Kielman

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